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Frequently Asked Questions

Our inboxes were overflowing with these questions, so we decided to finally post the answers for you.

Couldn't I Build This Myself?

Yes. An experienced coder might pull this off in seven months working solo. A new dev... good luck getting it done this year. Thinking to hire a team - you're looking at spending at least $100k if you hire US developers. And it'll still take them four months or more. Why not skip that and start today?

How To Get Started With The App?

Let Jeremy Redman walk you through the app and put your logo and info into the app. His help is included in the price above!

Can I Take Credit for This?

You don't have to give us credit in your version of the app if that's what you're asking. But if someone asks if you built it, you shouldn't lie. Honesty = best policy.

I Can Customize It to My Business Needs?

Yes. It's all yours to do as you wish. It's a non-exclusive license (we'll be selling to many others) though, so you can't lockout competition, but you can get ahead of them by starting today!

Can I Really Make Money with This?

Absolutely! You might even help others make money too! If you need help thinking of ways to monetize, Johnny Whitfield will help you with your marketing and monetization strategy.

Why Is User Engagement So Necessary?

Attention is a commodity. It is also fleeting. You need to keep your customers/ fans/ attendees engaged or they might find someone else to capture their attention.

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